State vs. Federal Bail

How Federal Bail Differs from State Bail

In the case of state bail and bail bonds they are regulated separately by the state. Federal bail bonds are regulated at the federal level but have no set bail schedule. Be aware that if you are facing a federal charge you will need a company that handles federal bail bonds. Not all companies will because the process is lengthy and much more complicated. However, rest assured that Sherman Oaks Bail Bonds is trained in federal bail bonds as well as those at the state level.

Charges that could require a federal bail bondsman are:

  • Customs violations
  • Tax evasion
  • Mail fraud
  • Bank Robbery
  • Organized crime
  • ‘Insurance fraud
  • Larceny
  • Importation of illegal drugs

Note: There are currently over 4,000 charges that can be considered federal crimes.

When you are facing a major criminal charge it can be very nerve-racking, and you will want to get home and see your family as soon as possible. To do this you will need someone who can guide you through the release process.

The federal bail is set by a magistrate. This will be done at a hearing much like at the state level. However, the magistrate does not have a bail schedule to go by. To get out of jail on bond you must pay 15% of the bail rather than the 10% you would just for California.

If the magistrate decides that you can get out on bail, there may be certain restrictions. You may be subject to travel restrictions, medical and psychiatric testing, random drug testing, and an order to find a job.

Once bail is posted you will have to attend another hearing before being released. This hearing, called a nebbia hearing, is to investigate the source of your bail to be sure it is legal.

If you find yourself faced with the tough situation of being arrested on suspicion of a federal crime, contact Sherman Oaks Bail Bonds immediately so we can begin the paperwork for your release. Call 818-839-5291 .