Jail Release Options

Getting Released from Sherman Oaks Jail

When you have been arrested, the thing at the forefront of your mind is going to be getting out. It is crucial that you know and understand you release options. There are five ways to get out of jail in California:

  • Cash Bail- This is where the offender pays the bail in full. It will be returned once the trial is over.
  • Bail Bond- This is when you hire an agency like Sherman Oaks Bail Bonds to post bail for you. You will pay a bond fee of 10% of the bail, and you must show to all court appearances.
  • Property Bond- When bail is set too high for you to be able to even afford the bond, you may choose to use your home or any other property worth 150% the bail. The court will put a lien on the property and foreclose on it if you skip court dates.
  • Cite Out- This is when you are simply issued a citation, a court date, and are free to go.
  • Own Recognizance- When there is no or very little chance that you are going to skip court dates, a judge may decide to allow you to leave without posting bail.

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