How Bail is Set

How Bail is Set in Sherman Oaks

In California, bail costs vary per county. This is because California law mandated that bail schedules should be created annually by a panel of judges in each county. The bail schedule will lay out all the crimes and their respective bail amounts.

It is very important to find a bail bond professional to help you because California is known for having the highest bail costs in the nation, particularly in the Orange and Los Angeles counties.

The final bail amount is actually decided by the court during arraignment. While the judge will use the bail schedule to help determine what to set bail at, there are many other considerations when setting bail on a case by case basis.

A judge will look at:

  • Past criminal activity
  • The severity of the crime
  • Public safety
  • Flight risk

If you are a repeat offender or have committed a serious crime, bail will certainly be higher. Flight risk is usually determined by your ties to Sherman Oaks . If you have a good job and family in the area, your bail will probably be lower since there is a good chance you won’t skip town.

There is a small chance of being released without bail, but if you need to post bail fast, contact the experts at Sherman Oaks Bail Bonds by calling 818-839-5291 .