Following Arrest

What Happens After an Arrest in Sherman Oaks

Police usually arrest someone on what is called probable cause, meaning there is reason to believe the person has committed a crime. The police will provide information to the prosecuting attorney who will decide whether or not to press charges. While all this is happening behind the scenes, the arrested person is going through the booking process.

After the offender has been searched and inventory has been taken of their personal items, they must be put into the system. Personal information is gathered about the arrested person, and they are fingerprinted and background checked. They will also be updated in the national criminal database.

Following booking, the defendant will either be led to a cell or to a phone. The arrested person is allowed three completed phone calls; one to a bail bonds agent, one to a family member, and one to an attorney. This is where our job as bail bonds agents begin.

We will gather information and watch the case to see when the arraignment happens. The arraignment is where the person is formally charged with a criminal act and where bail will be set. As soon as this is done, we are able to post bail. Soon after, your loved one will be released.

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