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Bail Costs

Bail Bond Costs for Residents Are you wondering exactly what it will cost to get your family member or friend out of jail? In California, the law mandates that, if you use a bail bonds agency, the minimum you will pay is 10% of the bail amount. This law is decided by the California Department...Read More

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters in , [state-long] Bounty hunters, also known as fugitive recovery agents, are only legal in The United States and The Philippines. Modern bounty hunting is very different from what many people think of when they hear the term. Most fugitive recovery agents work for a bail bonds agency. Their job is to locate...Read More

Following Arrest

What Happens After an Arrest in Police usually arrest someone on what is called probable cause, meaning there is reason to believe the person has committed a crime. The police will provide information to the prosecuting attorney who will decide whether or not to press charges. While all this is happening behind the scenes, the...Read More

How Bail is Set

How Bail is Set in In California, bail costs vary per county. This is because California law mandated that bail schedules should be created annually by a panel of judges in each county. The bail schedule will lay out all the crimes and their respective bail amounts. It is very important to find a bail...Read More

Jail Release Options

Getting Released from Jail When you have been arrested, the thing at the forefront of your mind is going to be getting out. It is crucial that you know and understand you release options. There are five ways to get out of jail in California: Cash Bail- This is where the offender pays the bail...Read More

State vs. Federal Bail

How Federal Bail Differs from State Bail In the case of state bail and bail bonds they are regulated separately by the state. Federal bail bonds are regulated at the federal level but have no set bail schedule. Be aware that if you are facing a federal charge you will need a company that handles...Read More
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